20 november 2021

Creators of immersive audiovisual installations. The team's works are at the intersection of digital and physical, the main ingredients of which - light and sound - obey uniform laws combining mathematical formulas and human emotions. The loud uncompromising sound and the verified immersive visual component distort the primitive feelings, which creates a unique sensation and experience of the viewer in the moment of contemplation.
INSCAPES explores the perception of the materiality of light, creating an ephemeral changing geometry that moves in space and interacts with physical objects. The installation is conceived as a large-scale intervention of intangible light structures in an open space. Intersecting beams create ever-changing geometric landscapes that are unique for different viewing angles.
MEDIA.TRIBE will also present an audiovisual performance in which, by creating sound and visual in real time, artists manifest their ideas, principles and approaches to creating audiovisual works.
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