Memory of machines about man and art

11 november 2021

"The Memory of Machines about Man and Art" is a kind of game based on the perception and transfer of interactions between a robot, a human, classical music and theatrical art. Imagine that machines have not only memory, but also experiences associated with this memory. Imagine that at some point new matter, such as machines and robots, will begin to perceive us humans as something long gone. How will robots remember our culture, our heritage, and what attitude will they have towards humans?
The performance will be addressed to the rules and canons of classical art, but these rules will be reproduced through modern technologies, robots, and of course, a person who may one day remain only in the memory of machines.
ABRACADABRA group unites various types of art, integrating modern technologies into its works and combining various art directions - theater, music, performance, installation, modern dance.
The musical program consists of works by J.S. Bach, A. Pärt, S. Prokofiev, V. Mikhailovsky and other composers.


  • три робота KUKA Kr10
  • ABRACADABRA group: Ilya Karpel (director), Dmitry Masaidov (set designer and engineer), Maria Rozhkovskaya (performer)
  • composer and sound designer Viktor Mikhalevsky
  • vocal quartet under the direction of Dmitry Shelkovin
  • Vladislav Fedorov 's instrumental trio
The premiere screening will take place on November 11, 2021 at 20:00 at the address: nab. Griboyedov Canal 88-90, Catherine's Assembly.
Repeat screenings will be held on November 12 and 13 at 20:00 in the same place.